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Can Your Acid Reflux Be Relieved by Simply Changing the Way you Eat? | Stop Acid Reflux Now

Can Your Acid Reflux Be Relieved by Simply Changing the Way you Eat?

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If you suffer from acid reflux on a regular basis, then you’re probably eager to learn new ways to reduce or eliminate those discomforts aside from constantly popping pills.  Therefore, you’re likely want to know the answer to the question “can my acid reflux be relieved by eating right?” The answer to that question is a resounding yes.  Of course, the way that you eat will also have an impact on the development of those symptoms. 
Will acid reflux be relieved by changing your food choices?

First, you will need to look at what you’re eating.  Speak with your doctor about your acid reflux symptoms.  He or she will be able to provide you with a list of foods that are and are not good for minimizing GERD symptoms.  In addition to this list, you may also want to keep a food journal.  In this journal, try to record everything you eat, and whether or not you experience GERD symptoms, as well as the degree of those symptoms.  After a while, you’ll get to know what foods you can and cannot eat without experiencing acid reflux complications.

Can acid reflux be minimized by changing when you eat? 

Since acid reflux occurs when acid rises up from the stomach and into the esophagus, which is not designed to withstand the destructive digestive juices, then the more full your stomach is, the more likely you are to experience acid reflux and at more severe degrees.  Therefore, sufferers of GERD symptoms are usually instructed to avoid eating few large meals throughout the day and are instead advised to eat several smaller meals as the day goes on.  By eating many small meals, you prevent the stomach from becoming too empty or too full, therefore maintaining stomach acids at a more manageable level.

Even when you eat all the right foods, by eating too much at one sitting, you’ll fill your stomach to a level that is too high. Though you’ve eaten foods that don’t cause an overproduction of stomach acids, the stomach content level is still so high that the comparatively small amount of stomach acids being produced to digest the foods you’ve eaten can easily be forced up into the esophagus.

Can acid reflux be relieved by the way I dress?

Surprisingly enough, even your choice of wardrobe can impact your acid reflux symptoms.  If you wear tight clothing, especially clothing that restricts you around the middle you are limiting the amount of space that your stomach has to expand when you eat.  It therefore takes less for your stomach to fill to a higher level that can allow stomach acids to be pushed up and out of the stomach and into the esophagus. 
Instead of wearing tight clothing, try to choose things to wear that are looser around the waist and don’t push in on your stomach.  Make sure that you can not only stand comfortably in the clothing, but sit down as well.


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  1. Lyn
    August 17th, 2008 | 3:34 am

    Yes, definitely! What, how and when I eat has changed my life. I was previously taking PPIs and still suffering pain and discomfort. I am not taking anything except for ginger, and am now symptom free all the time provided that I follow the guidelines which I have learned from your website. I feel so much better, and I am so very grateful!
    I had been taking in very little fats, and my skin has become very dry. I was told of the health benefits of takin virgin coconut oil and find that I can tolerate a teaspoonful at a time. The recommended amount is a lot more than that, but I will see how I go. Thanks again.

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