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Looking for Relief? Acid Reflux Remedy Options for Children | Stop Acid Reflux Now

Looking for Relief? Acid Reflux Remedy Options for Children

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GERD can frequently begin as early as infancy, though most infants do stop showing the symptoms as grow into childhood.  Unfortunately though, a small number of children ranging from 5 to 17 years of age do indeed suffer from GERD and require relief acid reflux remedies can provide.   If you suspect that your child is suffering from GERD, it is very important that you take him or her to see the doctor as relief acid reflux treatments are different for children than they are for adults – if only in the dosage.

How do you know if your child might need acid reflux treatments?  Look for the following symptoms:

• Chest pain
• Pain in the abdomen just above the area of the belly button
• Intolerant to pressure in the stomach area
• Throat or esophageal burning sensations
• Eating small amounts even when having mentioned hunger
• Extreme food pickiness or refusing to eat food altogether
• Choking or gagging
• Bad breath
• Weight loss or poor weight gain
• A continually runny nose
• Regular sore throats
• A nagging dry cough
• Coughing throughout the night
• Struggle to sleep, frequent waking, or poor overall sleep
• Respiratory issues such as wheezing, asthma, bronchitis, and others
• Sinus infections
• Regular ear congestion or ear infections
• A hoarse or deeper voice
• Excessive drooling or salivation

In order to diagnose GERD in your child and then be able to suggest acid reflux remedies, a physical examination will be required.  This may also include one or several tests that will allow him or her to verify the GERD diagnosis and to determine the severity of the condition.  It may also help the doctor to discover what is causing the acid reflux in your child.

Tests your child may need to undergo may include the following:

• Lab tests – these can include different types of blood and urine tests that can allow the doctor to rule out different reasons that any poor weight gain, vomiting, or other symptoms.

• Esophageal pH monitoring – this is a test that allows the doctor to measure the amount of acid that is present in the area of your child’s esophagus.

• Upper Endoscopy – this test involves the insertion of a tube with a light and a camera lens on the end into your child’s mouth, esophagus, and stomach.  It allows the doctor to see if there is any inflammation of the esophagus (also known as esophagitis) or narrowing of the esophagus (also known as stricture).

Though the most common relief acid reflux therapies include taking antacids, acid suppressers, and acid blockers, there are also natural remedies that can be safely practiced at home.  These can include incorporating the following foods in your child’s diet such as:

• Apples
• Bananas
• Cabbage
• Broccoli
• Cabbage
• Carrots
• Peas
• Green beans
• Extra lean ground beef
• Skinless chicken breasts
• Egg substitute
• Egg whites
• Fish
• Fat free dairy products
• Multigrain breads
• Bran or oatmeal cereals
• Graham crackers
• Corn bread
• Pretzels
• Brown or white rice
• Rice cakes
• Baked potato chips
• Still Mineral water
• Jelly beans
• Red licorice

And avoiding foods high in fat, sodas, deep fried or sugary foods.

However, before starting your child on a relief acid reflux diet, make sure to check with your child’s doctor.  He or she will be able to provide you with more suggestions and will likely advise you that your child should not eat within 2 to 3 hours of a nap or bedtime.

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