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Treating Acid Reflux Naturally | Stop Acid Reflux Now

Treating Acid Reflux Naturally

There are a variety of different ways that you can treat acid reflux naturally.  For many people who suffer from frequent acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), natural and non-drug remedies are the preferred method for not only treating their symptoms, but also preventing them from recurring.

The following are examples of common natural remedies for acid reflux.  However, keep in mind that not all natural treatments will benefit everyone who suffers from reflux, because every condition is specific to the individual.  In other words, what works for one person, will not always work for another. 

Lifestyle change
Lifestyle change is usually the first step to treating acid reflux naturally, because this form of treatment is designed to stop an acid reflux sufferer from subjecting their body to the many factors that can trigger symptoms by weakening the LES.  Lifestyle changes will vary depending on the individual but generally involve:

• Eliminating foods and beverages that trigger reflux (I.E. spicy and fatty foods, citrus and tomato products, caffeinated beverages, alcohol, etc.)
• Eating smaller meals more frequently and not gulping food. Chew food thoroughly to start the digestion process.
• Not eating 2-3 hours prior to bed and sleeping with head and shoulders elevated about 3-6 inches
• Losing excess pounds if you are overweight or obese
• Stop smoking and avoid smoky environments where you can breathe in a lot of second hand smoke
• Wear non-constricting clothing (I.E. avoid corsets, belts, tight pants, etc.)
• Reduce stress levels as this can lead to behavior that encourages acid reflux.

Believe it or not, but water is actually one of the simplest ways to treat and prevent acid reflux naturally.  Drinking plenty of water a day (I.E. eight, 8 oz. glasses of water per day), helps to improve digestion and flushes residue acid out of the esophagus.

Herbal and food remedies
There are many different herbs, fruits, and other foods that are recommended for soothing and preventing heartburn and other acid reflux symptoms including:

• Ginger
• Chamomile
• Dandelion root
• Slippery Elm
• Lemon balm
• Active Manuka honey
• Apple cider vinegar
• Ripe papaya fruit
• Bananas

Natural food remedies are typically ingested raw before, during or after meals.  Herbs can be eaten in natural form, taken as capsules, or in the form of tea before, during or after meals.

Alternative treatment
Common alternative treatments used to remedy acid reflux naturally include:

• Acupuncture – A technique based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that involves inserting very fine needles into specific points of the skin to stimulate the body and encourage it to control symptoms, reduce pain, and heal.
• Acupressure – Follows the same principles as acupuncture accept that fingers, thumbs or knuckles are used instead of needles to apply pressure to specific points to stimulate healing.
• Homeopathy – An alternative treatment based on the Law of Similars. The belief that natural substances prepared in a specific way, and used in small doses, restores health in the ailing individual, that would otherwise cause a healthy person to become ill. 

Regardless of which natural acid reflux treatment you chose, remember that it is imperative you follow all directions and recommended doses carefully, as well as learn if there are any side effects or drug interactions you should be aware of. 

You need to understand that while natural non-drug remedies may be very beneficial in treating your acid reflux/GERD symptoms, not every natural remedy will benefit all acid reflux sufferers.  The main reason is because not everyone with acid reflux experiences this digestive problem for the same reasons.   For instance, while digestive enzymes such as ripe papaya fruit may help treat acid reflux symptoms that result from too little acid production; it may make symptoms worse in a person who produces too much acid.

For people prone to acid reflux/GERD because of a peptic ulcer, hiatal hernia, Barrett’s esophagus, gastroparesis (delayed stomach emptying), or another condition, such as diabetes, or asthma, natural treatment may not be enough, and is often combined with other methods of treatment such as medication and possible surgery.

Discovering what natural remedies will work for you will likely be a process of elimination, so don’t become discouraged.  Furthermore, you will find it is easier to discover what remedies are best for treating your acid reflux naturally, by learning what the specific root cause is that triggers your acid reflux symptoms.  Therefore, you should have your condition properly diagnosed by a health care professional, as well as seek treatment advice from your doctor. 

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2 Responses

  1. May 30th, 2008 | 3:21 am

    I have I believe your nerd as I HAD AN ENDOSCOPY DONE ON MAY 13TH AND WAS TOLD THERE WASN’T ANY DAMAGE TO TH ESOPHAGUS. i HAVE HAD 3 OF THESE OVER THE LAST 6 YEARS AND THEY TELL ME THE SAME THING., BUT i HAVE THE ONE YOU EXPLAIN AS THE HEARTBURN FROM THE OPENING OF THE STOMACH RIGHT UP THE BRESTBONE TO THE THROAT. tHE PAIN IS AWFUL. i HAVE HAD THIS FOR 30 YEARS AND HAVE BEEN ON EVERY THING THERE IS TO BE ON. wAY BACK THEY SAID IT WAS HEARTBURN AND TO USE GAVESCON iT HELPED FOR A WHILE. BUT AS THE YEARS PASSED IT JUST GOT WORSE.. A YEAR AND A HALF AGO i WAS BAD AND THEY DID THE ENDOSCOPY AND MY STOMACH HAD RED SPOTS { i AM SURE THEY WERE MAGNIFIED BUT IT LOOKED LIKE BIG MEASELES. dr. said i had it bad and put me on protonics and if i HAD TO use 2 a day. I had stopped my lipitor and gembrozil because I swear I t was causing a lot of it. I was doing pritty good until dr. said to resume my meds for the cholestrol He put me on 20mil.instead of 40,and 0ne a day of the gembrozil instead of two. In three weeks I was burning again. I said I am not taking this and quit again I once again found releif so after 6 weeks resumed the meds and you know the rest. saw my dr. and my cholestrol was back to 450 and tryglyceridedes were 800 and ofcourse my bad cholestrol was very bad. THIS TIME DR. PUT ME ON REGLEN AND ZANTAC. i AM ON PROTONICS AND REGLAN A HALF HOUR BEFORE BREAKFAST AND SUPPER AND ZANTAC AT BEDTIME. i HAVE BEEN TRYING TO CUT AND PASTE YOUR LETTERS TO No AVAIL UNTIL TONIGHT WHEN I TYPED IN YOUR NATURALLY- STOP ACID REFLUX . COM AND WHALA i GOT YOU.hERE IS MY PROBLEM i AM DOING THE SMALL MEALS 6 TIMES A DAY. i KNOW NOW THE TRIGGERS FOR SURE i KNEW SOME BUT NOT ALL OF THEM.i AM DRINKING M,Y 8 GLASSES OF WATER A DAY AND WITH T HE MEDS AND EVERYTHING i AM DOING INCLUDING WATCHING THE CHOLESTROL FOODS AS WELLi HAVE HAD OVER A WEEK OF PAINFREE LIFE .tHANK gOD BUT i HAVE TO SEE BOTH DRS THE GASTRO ON JUNE 20TH AND THEY ARE GOING TO DO AN HP TEST NOT REAL SURE WHAT THAT IS , ALSO SEE HEART DOC { CHOLESTROL WAS SO HIGH MY REGULAR DR SENT ME TO HIM. i HAVE NO ILL EFFECTS FROM IT BeING HIGH FOR 30 YEARS BUT DR SAYS HE STILL HAS TO TREAT IT WITH MEDS EVEN THOUGH IT IS HERIDTARY. aND EVERY TEST HE HAS DONE INCLUDING ONE TO SEE IF i HAVE HEART DISIESE AND IT SAID i WAS VERY UNLIKLY TO HAVE HEART DISIESE. hE CAN’T EXPLAIN WHY WHEN MY HIGHEST CHOLESTROL AT ONE TIME WAS 750 AND MY TRIGLCERIDES WAS 1200 HE JUST SOOK HIS HEAD . i AM 65 AND HJAVE THE 2 PROBLEMS ACID REFLUX AND MY VERY HIGH CHOLESTROL TRIGLICERIDES. i could stand to lose some weight i weigh 174 and I am 5 feet an a half feet tall but eating 6 times a day isn’t helping there. I do take papya tablets, AND ACCIDALPHYSIS TABLET TO. i REALLY WANT TO TRY THE VINIGER OR THE PAPYA FRUIT BUT NOT SURE IF I CAN DO IT ON THE DRUGS OR IF YOU HAVE TO DO ONE OR THE OTHER. i CERTAINLY HAVN’T BEEN CURED ALL THESE YEARSAND dR. HAVE NEVER TOLD ME A LOT OF WHAT i READ TONIGHT. i KNOW i HAVE TO SEE THEM FIRST BUT i AM GOING TO TALK TO THEM ABOUT ALL i HAVE LEARNED i JUST DON,T KNOW WHAT THEY WILL SAY AND AM i RIGHT THAT PAPYA WILL HELP THE CHOLESTROL TO . i HOPE KATHREN YOU WILL ANSWER ME AND LET ME KNOW BECAUSE i KNOW DR. IS GOING TO WANT TO PUT ME BACK ON THE MEDS AND i SWEAR I don’t want to hurt like this again Nobody knows unless they have felt like you were on fire and no antiacids would put it out. I will probably have altimers to as i have lived on mylanta among other things for years. {not when I have it under cotrol I stay away from them and hope the drs. drugs wiil keep it but it sometimes just don’t workI apoligize for the leng of this just had to let you know how bad i have this and if you can help me further I would be happy to think someon really cares. Thank you for listening to me . Sincerely Grace

  2. May 30th, 2008 | 5:05 pm

    Grace -

    I’m pleased that your symptoms have recently improved.

    A HP test is likely to mean a test for Helicobacter pylori (HP). HP is bacteria that can effect the lining of the lining of the stomach and the duodenum.

    It is a common infection in the US and the UK - with millions of people infected.

    Many people will never know they have the infection - but for others the effects can be profound. The most common problem an HP infection causes is stomach and duodenal ulcers and dyspepsia (indigestion).

    Many practitioners understand the benefit of lifestyle changes and how they can greatly improve acid reflux symptoms, so you should not worry about speaking openly with your doctor about any “alternative” approach you want to adopt.

    After all it is your body and your pain.

    Kind regards