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Have You Tried the Acid Reflux Banana Treatment? | Stop Acid Reflux Now

Have You Tried the Acid Reflux Banana Treatment?

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There are different ways to treat acid reflux symptoms, regardless of the cause.   While some treatments involve the use of medications, other treatments take a more natural approach such as the acid reflux banana treatment.

Aside from being a really tasty and nutritious fruit high in vitamins and minerals, bananas contain virtually no fat, sodium, or cholesterol.  For this reason, bananas are not only an integral part of a healthy diet, they can be used as a natural remedy to treat and prevent a number of health issues including, insomnia, depression, anemia, hypertension, and heartburn. 

How exactly can a banana help with heartburn?  Bananas have a natural antacid effect on the body.  They primarily suppress acid secretion in the stomach by coating and protecting the stomach from acid, which helps against the formation of stomach ulcers and ulcer damage.

There are two ways in which the antacid property of a banana helps suppress acid:

Firstly, bananas contain a substance that encourages the activation of the cells that make up the lining of the stomach.  As a result, a thicker mucus barrier is formed to provide the stomach with more protection against acid. 

Secondly, bananas feature compounds called “protease inhibitors”, which help to eliminate certain bacteria within the stomach that have been found to contribute to the development of stomach ulcers. 

How can I add bananas to my diet?  If you would like to help prevent heartburn by incorporating bananas, try eating a banana a half-hour before a meal, or directly after a meal.   Some GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) sufferers also find eating a banana during a meal or half a banana before and after a meal beneficial.  It’s also a good idea to eat a banana when heartburn symptoms appear.

If the idea of eating a plain banana doesn’t thrill you, there are more fun and tasty ways you can add bananas to your diet.  The following are some suggestions:

Eat dried banana or mashed banana as a snack
Cut up a fresh banana or use dried banana pieces and add it to cereal, yogurt, and salads
Make a banana smoothie with live cultured yoghurt
Banana shake (if you are allergic to milk and milk products, substitute with soy milk)
Banana split – go easy on the ice cream
Banana bread
Banana muffins
Banana cake
Fruit bowl (excluding citrus fruits)
Banana sandwich with cinnamon

Here are a few other facts to keep in mind when making banana recipes:
Bananas with green tips are best used for cooking or should be left to ripen before eating.
Bananas with yellow tips are best for eating
Bananas that are browning or have dark brown or black specks are ideal for baking (Note: the more ripe the banana, the sweeter it will be because the starch has turned to sugar, making it better for baking)

Bananas are the most popular fruit in America, are available all year round, and are low in cost, so it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to make acid reflux banana remedies part of your regular diet.  However, it is important that you eat bananas according to your lifestyle requirement.  Keep in mind that Bananas are high in sugar.  Thus, if you are eating more than one banana per day, you do need to burn off the energy you are providing your body to maintain a healthy body weight.  Also, refrain from eating bananas close to bedtime because acid reflux can still occur when you are sleeping as the lower esophagus sphincter relaxes.

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8 Responses

  1. Corina
    January 24th, 2008 | 7:15 pm


    My name is Corina and I live in Long Beach Ca. I have to tell you , that banana”s give me alot of issues with my Gerd. I have been working alot not to eat certain things , as in any dairy products , seems Milk can make me feel as if I am having a heart attack. I shouldnt be eating alot of fruit being I am a diabetic, but seems fruit is one of the only things that doesnt make me crazy, except for banana’s. I have always been told to eat a banana if I was having issues with sleep , so I tried it one evening before bed time (hour before bed) and o man o man. I was so sorry I ate it.
    I wonder why it did that?
    I have been drinking green tea after most meals.. it just seems to make me feel better. LOL not sure if its just the warmth.


  2. Kathleen Riley
    January 24th, 2008 | 7:25 pm

    I have tried to apple (Red Delicious) and that seems to help, even just a slice after a meal. Will try the banana as an alternative.

  3. R Ferguson
    January 24th, 2008 | 9:01 pm

    I’m not sure about this comment: “Also, refrain from eating bananas close to bedtime because acid reflux can still occur when you are sleeping as the lower esophagus sphincter relaxes.”
    Isn’t that a good reason for eating a banana close to bedtime, or am I missing something here?

  4. January 25th, 2008 | 4:20 am

    Corina - your comments illustrates perfectly how different people react to the same things in wildly different ways. Obviously for you eating bananas is not the way to go - as for green tea, the Chinese have long considered green tea to be an effective digestive. If it provides relief for you then perhaps you should consider carrying on :-)

    Kathleen - thanks for the tip about Red Delicious apples after meals - good luck with the banana too, would love to hear how you get on.

    R. Ferguson - sorry for the confusion about eating before bedtime. Bananas can be effective in reducing symptoms for people however, it is advisable not to eat anything 2 - 3 hours before bedtime. If you want to try adding banana to your diet then include it earlier in the day.

  5. Olivia
    January 25th, 2008 | 4:41 am

    Bananas makes my acid reflux Worst. I can’t eat any fruits or vegetables. Banana has some acid in it anyway. So I stay away from. It has never helped me I have even tried baby food bananas that too made me have relux.

  6. ANAND
    January 25th, 2008 | 12:01 pm


    while eating banana after or before meal or in traveling I am getting back after eat just like omitting after one hour or two hour it is not digestive for me wht to do .

  7. January 25th, 2008 | 10:28 pm

    I have been eating bananas alot lately.I find that it helps me in my dogestion.I have a banana and oatmeal for breakfast.I hope I am eating a lot for breakfast.I have read that you should not eat heavy portions with GERD.I am trying to eating at least five small portions.I have begun to feel better when I eat small portions.I chew my food slowly and I eat slowly now.I am really trying to cure this acid reflux.I have read that meat
    could cause problems with my digestion.I need advice on what I should eat for lunch and dinner.I heard that it is not advisable to eat before bedtime.If I am hunglry before bedtime what should I eat.
    I hope to hear from you.
    Thank you.


  8. melinda
    January 26th, 2008 | 4:05 pm

    We are working on an overall alkaline low acid diet in our home. Banana is the only alkalizing fruit, apple is in a acid production catagory but the acid in an apple as in tomotoes burns to ash fast and then has minerals that assisit in lowering ph. I have acid reflux and high ph, due to youthful hedonisim and years of a mediocre average diet. High ph in general creates some scarey long term health problems so aim for some alkalinity. One more thought, the only alkaline grain is buckwheat. Oh and slippery elm and licorice help heal the scarring and erosion in your esophogus (sp?). Best of Health to all.

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